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Atelj de Kim empowering sustainable initiatives

Do you want to design your own passionate and sustainable initiative or company ? Are you wondering how to turn groups of people with different ideas into strong communities? Exploring your inner wisdom and personal leadership? Let me guide you...

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Everyone has shields and behavioral patterns. Built up to protect the inner self and to cooperate with others. It works, but if you more or less identify yourself with them, you may not feel the inner freedom to live the life you really want. You get stuck in "wrong" relationships, temporary jobs or you never have enough money for a holiday, a new study etc. In our Empowerment concept we work with 7 general life themes and behavioral patterns based on storytelling. In our coaching sessions you learn to stop these patterns to torment you. And you learn to design and master your own future.

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Empowerment training

Exploring your comfortzone? Done with that safe mouse perspective? Longing for new horizons and visions? We train individuals and companies to enlight, embody and empower their true passion and sustainable goals.

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Community Development

In this time we need sustainable, innovative companies and designs, passionate leaders and employees who think out of the box, leave their comfortzone...But how do these smart people work well together? What are the secrets for real togetherness in teamwork? How do you balance incentives for excellence and full engagement? In our community building concept we train groups, companies, teams in connective communication and co-operation. You can hire us for teamcoaching, training, facilitating groups or storytelling.

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