About me

Reinvent yourself!

Reinvent yourself!

Atelj de Kim is founded in 2002 by me, Janine Vermeulen. The “Kim” means horizon and indicates new perspectives to explore. The “Atelj” means the symbolic studio for our art of living.

After my studies Dutch law and International law, I worked at several Ministries in The Hague, in the Netherlands. I learnt policymaking, lawmaking, legal consulting, (international) coordinating, negotiating, projectmanagement  and leading skills in different dossiers and projects.

After a professional coaching education and a professional trainer training, I started as a entrepreneur in 2002 with Atelj de Kim. I  was project leader and coach at Global Action Plan. Together with other coaches and project leaders we organised sustainable neighborhood participation projects, at first it was according to the Empowerment method of David Gershon and Gail Straub, two well skilled trainers from the US. Later we developed our own method: Ruimte Maken, which means: Making Space.

In the next years I expanded my skills by assignments about: Career and Life coaching, training about Empowerment and Community Development issues, Neighborhood project development and project management for , as a safety consultant at schools in a long term national project, as a developer/organizer of  lots of sustainable internships for students and schools, as interim project manager in a welfare organization for some time, as legal adviser for individuals and companies, as storytelling trainer and performer in events and companies,  and as an organizer of events, markets and festivals.

As a chairman I started a foundation with other entrepreneurs, for the participation of youngsters in sustainable society, and I set up a coöperation toegether with entrepreneurs and volunteers for empowering initiatives, like a social sewing workshop. Since 2015 I am fouding member of a total new kind of organization: the “Coöperatieve Samenleving”, which means: The Cooperative Society.

Nowadays the Empowerment of David and Gail is larded by my own experiences in education, work and live events. I like to use everything what has been given to me…and I enjoy in sharing this with the assignments of my customers about coaching, training and community development.

I am delighted to do this work and to reinvent myself occasionally, together with my companions on this  path.