Products and services

You can choose between the following products and services: Coaching,  Coaching Plus, Empowerment training en Community Development.

For special questions, patterns, situations in your life (e.g. stress/burn-out), work, about relationships, money, vitality etc.

Empowerment coaching:
if you want to develop skills and new visions for:

  • your career or job
  • a new project or company
  • personal leadership in general

You can book one session or a traject (3-5 sessions)

Coaching Plus:

Do you need other assistance, besides coaching and sparring for your business? E.g. writing for your blogs, events, projectplans and websites? Or do you need legal advice? Take a Coaching Plus Subscription. From 4 hours a month already, with a reduced price, especially for small entrepreneurs. Please ask for the conditions.

Empowerment Training:
is suited for a change project or a change in culture or communication in your company. All trainings and workshops are customized.

You may focus on e.g.:

  • more openess and responsivesness in your company culture
  • to create motivation and passion in your project, team or workplace
  • discussing conflicts
  • developing a common vision, and business plan

Community Development:
These are services especially for groups, teams, projects and organizations with innovation, an open contact culture and a sustainable planet in their highest priorities.


  • short/mid term interventions like facilitating groups/teams, day chairmanships, storytelling for change
  • community development training
  • long term interventions like interim projectmanagement and teamcoaching.

Every part contains a variety of possibilities, and is suited for companies and individuals. For more information please choose one of the sub-menus.

Please contact Atelj de Kim for a free proposal  or coach trial.