Coaching may be very helpful for inspiration or to solve reluctant problems in your life.
In order to help you to choose the kind of coaching, we offer you a free coaching intake by Skype of Phone (max. half an hour).

Which coaching when?

  • Life coaching: if you want to look at your life quality as a whole and you are longing for: a finer job, better relationships, more healthy life quality, balance in your expenses, more money, more spiritual consciousness… Or you desire more creative energy and vitality, more focus, freedom to express your emotions, trust in your body. We explore desires and blokkades by the Empowerment method and Mindfullness.
  • Entrepreneurship/career coaching: if you start a new job, project, enterprise, or with a new (career/project) vision or development. Very practical coaching, with tools for writing your business/projectplan, website, marketing approach, custom oriented approach, curriculum etc. And energy/focus exercises, to sharpen your ideas and to learn to trust your instincts.
  • Personal leadership coaching: if you want to develop your professional skills, to enlarge your personal strenght, mindfulness  and leadership, you will meet challenges. Is it time to solve more reluctant patterns, to gain more insight in yourself? With exercises in  storytelling, psychodrama and voice dialogue, we deal with these limiting beliefs and selfsabotage. Also with energy exercises, bodywork and meditation to reload your battery.
  • High sensitive coaching: this is a combination of coaching and bodywork  for people with a higher sensibility. To talk about your thoughts does not always help, sometimes you need to feel your body again. Because I offer also massages, I could help with that. As a high sensitive myself, I suffered for a longtime. Because I started to dance, meditate, and apply yoga tantra, I came more and more “home”in my body. That is why I can protect my boundaries better now. I would love to teach you that.


You may choice between:
single coachingssession
coachingtraject (3-5 sessions)
coaching plus supscription, which is a year contract with 4 hours of coaching and/or practical help, per month, for a reduced price, especially for independent entrepreneurs. 

You may book here your 1/2 hour intake by Skype or phone.